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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Netflix and me

Safe - On Season 1 Episode 5 and all I can say is how incompetent are these cops?!

Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Met Gala 2019 and GOT

Met Gala 2019 was clearly GOT inspired...

How else can you explain:

A tale of fire and ice

Missandei and Petyr Baelish


The night king

a white walker

a dragon

The Faceless Men


The gold bank

Ned Stark (Sorry, I couldn't resist)

What Theon Greyjoy is...

... and what he wants to be

One of the 'Sand-Snakes' .. (bastard daughters of Prince Oberyn Martell)

One more Missandei

Red priestess

Bonus: the red priestess' shadow baby all grown up 

Someone stole Tyrian's pants

High Sparrow living it up... tsk tsk

Catelyn Stark with a fancy wolf cloak

Arya mingling withe the adults

They even had furniture from Westeros!

A chandelier,

a photo frame,

and even a table cloth

and even a plucked raven

Apart from GOT, maybe it's just me binge-watching  Supernatural, but there did seem to be a lot of angel wings!

Some pretty


Some not!

Then there were the food items:

Candy cane


Candy floss

Half-eaten lemon

A tacky Chistmas tree

... and the Christmas tree ornament

Someone who thought the gala was a pool party

Two women offering their flowers to the world


 The Bow Wonders


 Feather dusters


A shag carpet

 The Lego dress

The magician's trick gone all wrong

 Here's one that's come straight from rolling in the leaves...

This one may have rolled through nuclear waste

Oh so not divine!

While many forgot their pants/skirts... this one forgot her top

And finally, a shoutout to the woman who used all the leftover scrap material

PS... if you want to see them all, here you go https://www.vogue.co.uk/gallery/met-gala-2019-dresses

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Abe's Recipe for True Love


How to love freely - without expectations etc?

R. The perfect vows should be "I like you let's see how it goes"
Love, the feeling of love, the moment when you are loving - you are in vibration with source. Anything less than that is less than that.
Loving that is painful, is thinking of an absence.
Thinking of any subject - if your approach is correct - it'll tie in to your source energy

the emotional scale - what feels like love - is what you perceive as alignment to what you are

Q. Why can't people let go?
R. The reason clinging is prevalent is the person now clinging was not in touch with their own emotions to being with. That is the ending. "In my physical body I didn't figure out I can focus myself into good. I believe I need to control circumstances. I come together with sometime - because we don't know each other both of us are in alignment. Because we are looking positively at each other and finding the best and looking the best and aligning with source which always looks for the best."

Then what happens is you have to hold yourself in that positive place. When you don't, i feel like a puppet. I say you don't make me feel the way you used to. It was never your job., You were just a catalyst.
Clinging is me hanging on to that dream or vision, which I remember from holding on to you.

Abe wants us to get so consciously aware that feeling is alignment or resisting. Further understand that with deliberate thought, incrementally, you can close that gap between where you are and where you want to be, or who you are and who you really are. Don't hold other people in that impossible position of having to perform in a way so you can feel better..Asking someone else to be different so you feel better is giving up your power. That's the pain in relationships. You;'re asking someone to do something no one else can do nobody can hold you as their object of attention completely enough to ensure that you're always in alignment. And if they did you'd be screaming and running and trying to get away from them cos you'd feel like you were suffocating you see.

A relationship becomes magnificent when you let the primary relationship you are seeking be the reln with you. When you say nothing is more imp than i feel good and on a myriad of subjects you practice bringing yourself up the scale so that you show yourself with a variety of conditions that you feel good.

People in a bad state should not find someone, If they do they'll find a vibrational match. Its better if you get into vibrational alignment with who you are and then let law of attraction find you someone else who is also in alignment. That kind of reln works. You do your own work and joyously dancing together.

Q. what is a soulmate?
R. - you meet someone with same vibrational intentions. You come forth in clusters. but everyone is your soulmate in some way or the other. When Esther and Jerry met they felt like coming home. If you meet someone that is of the same non-physical essence that you are and you are both vibrationally aligned you feel a connection - but that's cos you are aligned you meet people who are a match. Even people who you cant stand are soulmates. your awareness of yourself increases.
the best soulmates say - lets go forth and have a meaningful existence - lets be catalysts of desire and alignment and etc.

After posting came across the below on FB. Reminded me of another vid I heard today. https://youtu.be/d3JSW9d5DeI