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Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Met Gala 2019 and GOT

Met Gala 2019 was clearly GOT inspired...

How else can you explain:

A tale of fire and ice

Missandei and Petyr Baelish


The night king

a white walker

a dragon

The Faceless Men


The gold bank

Ned Stark (Sorry, I couldn't resist)

What Theon Greyjoy is...

... and what he wants to be

One of the 'Sand-Snakes' .. (bastard daughters of Prince Oberyn Martell)

One more Missandei

Red priestess

Bonus: the red priestess' shadow baby all grown up 

Someone stole Tyrian's pants

High Sparrow living it up... tsk tsk

Catelyn Stark with a fancy wolf cloak

Arya mingling withe the adults

They even had furniture from Westeros!

A chandelier,

a photo frame,

and even a table cloth

and even a plucked raven

Apart from GOT, maybe it's just me binge-watching  Supernatural, but there did seem to be a lot of angel wings!

Some pretty


Some not!

Then there were the food items:

Candy cane


Candy floss

Half-eaten lemon

A tacky Chistmas tree

... and the Christmas tree ornament

Someone who thought the gala was a pool party

Two women offering their flowers to the world


 The Bow Wonders


 Feather dusters


A shag carpet

 The Lego dress

The magician's trick gone all wrong

 Here's one that's come straight from rolling in the leaves...

This one may have rolled through nuclear waste

Oh so not divine!

While many forgot their pants/skirts... this one forgot her top

And finally, a shoutout to the woman who used all the leftover scrap material

PS... if you want to see them all, here you go https://www.vogue.co.uk/gallery/met-gala-2019-dresses