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Thursday, July 16, 2020

Eddie Flynn

If you're like me and terribly confused you've come to the right place.

There are two authors writing books where the main character is called Eddie Flynn. Steve Cavanaugh and Michael Donovan. I haven't read any books by either of them. I saw the blurb for Fifty-fifty and thought I'd buy the first book in the series. Thereby started almost an hour of confusion (mostly because I didn't believe an two authors could have lead characters with the same name!)  
No one has said this clearly but that's what I deduce based on the fact that you either get sites mentioning one or the other. (Except for Amazon which is selling both sets of books) 

Also one of those authors is writing under a pseudonym so his real name popped up as the author of one series confusing me even more!

Steve Cavanaugh (real name Stephen Mearns) apparently writes about Eddie Flynn, the con man-turned-lawyer. 
His books are
The Cross (Eddie Flynn 0.5... So called because it is a novella) 
The Defence (Eddie Flynn 1)
The Plea (Eddie Flynn 2)
The Liar (Eddie Flynn 3) 
Thirteen (Eddie Flynn 4)
Fifty-fifty (Eddie Flynn 5)

Michael Donovan apparently writes about PI Eddie Flynn. 
Behind Closed Doors (PI Flynn 1)
The Devil's Snare (PI Flynn 2)
Cold Call (PI Flynn 3)
Slow Light (PI Flynn 4)

I'm going to read both series now... Will start with Steve cos fifty-fifty is what dragged me into this... But will come back and edit this post after I'm though a few.