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Friday, October 29, 2021

Life Bingo!

 I've read about people playing Bingo with life events, and recently watching the Order I saw the cute ethics professor playing Bingo with student's excuses (I won't tell you what happens because spoiler... duh... and also because I never want to write those words, but anyway...)

So getting back to me... today I finally checked off a life event I never thought I'd see... a bonafide blackmail attempt! I'm so excited!!

Okay granted it's from some hit-and-miss scammer online and is a bunch of made-up malarky but hey... it counts if I say it does!

The email is from 

Jessica kdyypai@gracebaptistofhurlock.org

Tuesday, June 01, 2021


Running away... 

That's what my days are
Blocking you, blocking me,
I no longer want to see
My days, my routines,
The mind-numbing steps that fill each moment
Wash, rinse, repeat
Wake up, exist, do and do more, until... 
Until a moment I steal
A moment in which I grab my phone,
Click frantically on that little blue icon
And watch words fill my screen
And I dive in, maybe I'll read just a page, or even just a line,
But for that page, for that line, 
I'll be away
I'll be escaping
I won't be here, listening to the same sounds,
Hearing the same requests, 
Feeling the same needs, your needs that smother my life
I'll be in someone else's life,
In another story 
Where others are happy or unhappy
But where they will one day be happy
Because someone gave them that gift
I'll be away, with Malec and Charlie and Simon
Free... until time pierces my splendid isolation once more